Building Nature


We are happy to announce that we have published our Logo Animation. Visitors of our website can click and check it out as soon as the first slider slides in. Since this is our first animation in the new Vue xStream 2014 and its brand new features, we took it as a challenge, but it was well worth our time!

The scene was built and animated entirely in Vue xStream 2014, featuring Vue’s new Photometric Spectral atmosphere model, based on photometric lighting, and a detailed, multi-layered jungle ecosystem of realistic tropical plants. For the final composition, postwork and special effects, we used Adobe After Effects with Optical Flares and Element 3D. The final encoding of the video was done in Adobe Media Encoder.

The soundtrack was also composed in-house in Adobe Audition.

If you would like to know more about how the Vue animation was made, you can read Drea’s article about the project in 3D Artist magazine Issue 67. In this article, Drea highlights the 15 key steps of making this animation, and she also includes some tips and tricks as well.


View it on YouTube